Welcome to Clare County, MI–and my Musings

Welcome to my blogs…actually three of them.  Two are primarily about Clare County, Michigan where I have a home and the third deals with whatever comes into my head that I want to write about.  Not a whole lot there, to be honest.   And I’m talking about the number of postings, not what lies between my ears. 

Anyway, the blogs are:

1) Trains, Reins and Shantyboys: Clare’s History–Clare County has a wonderful history with railroads, logging, farming, Henry Ford, bad guys, gangsters and ghost towns. Over time I hope to tell the story from my personal perspective based on what I’ve seen and learned from others. BTW, a shantyboy is what lumberjacks called each other way back when.

2) SeeDo in Clare County, Michigan–There is a lot to see and do in ClareCounty. Parks, fishing, hunting, walking, visiting art galleries, old houses, resale shops, restaurants and more.

3) Random Musings–That’s the one I mentioned before, the one about whatever I happen to want to write about that doesn’t fit into any of the other two categories.

I hope you find them an interesting read.  BTW, if you have an interest in Clare County history, I invite you to check out the website of the Clare County Historical Society (clarecountyhistory.org) or visit our Facebook page.  Our museum complex at 1050 Eberhard Road at the corner of Dover, is open Saturdays May – Sept from 1-4 p.m.  Tour the museum, one-room schoolhouse and a log cabin.  Free admission.  Donations gratefully accepted.  

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the Farwell Historical Museum in downtown Farwell.  Farwell is located about six miles west of Clare and has a very nice museum focusing on the history of that area.  Learn more at Farwellmuseum.com.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Clare County, MI–and my Musings

  1. Nice Blog you have.
    I was reading your interesting info on Clare County’s railroad history, but nowhere do I see mentioned the recently published book “Cut and Run – Railroad Logging in Clare County, Michigan” by James S. Hannum, M.D., which details the history of the logging railroads of the county. It is available for $30.00 which includes shipping, from the Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association, P.O. Box 1691, Holland, MI 49422-1691. This book is a “Must Have” for anyone interested in the railroad history of Clare County. There’s a “killer” photo of part of the depot AND the two-stall F&PM enginehouse that was at Meredith in the book. Otherwise, this book is chock full of old maps and photos. I am not a member of this association, just a Michigan railroad historian, giving you a “heads up”. Best Regards, Jim Harlow – Dearborn, MI

    • Absolutely. Cut and Run is a must have. I need to update my post about books that should be in any Clare County history (or RR) buffs library. I will get on it. Thanks for the nudge and for reading my blog. P. S. Hannum’s book is in my personal library. Marty

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